My Story- Part 1: Girlhood, Interrupted

TW: child abuse mentions You ever hear someone defend corporal punishment with asinine comments like "I was spanked as a child and I turned out fine!" Or defend their parents' shaming, belittling and yelling at them as children with asinine comments like "Kids today are too soft! My parents were hard on me and I … Continue reading My Story- Part 1: Girlhood, Interrupted

[Video] Allyship Is Not About You: A YouTube Critique of Performative Allies A video I finished a few days ago, just in time for Pride Month!

The Gender Politics of Being Veg (the latest from my YouTube channel)

Acknowledging Anger as a Part of my Healing Process

Being angry is just as valid as being joyful or sad, and acknowledging, and moreover expressing anger is a vitally important part of self-care.  

Vegan Gains needs to STOP (or: Why I Don’t Debate Veganism)

Disclaimer: While I recognize that ethical veganism recognizes that other-than-human animals are not ours to exploit for any purpose, I'm going to be talking solely about "food veganism" here, as that's what's being discussed in these videos. TW: YouTube comment that contains mild sexual harassment. Recently, in my occasional forays into the jungles of the … Continue reading Vegan Gains needs to STOP (or: Why I Don’t Debate Veganism)

Why Is “Educate Yourself!” Seen as a Controversial Statement?

If you can't take the "educate yourself " comments, get out of the social commentary kitchen.

16 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years

Hello, all you beautiful beings! I know it's been a while, and I had considered parlaying this list into a video. However, since I'd already typed it out and I've been kind of neglecting my blog here, I figured posting it here is a great plan. Today is my 30th birthday. I've had a few … Continue reading 16 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years