Mutual Aid Collectives, Resources, and Funds for COVID-19 Relief

Hello, all you beautiful beings! It's been a while since I've posted anything original here, seeing as I have an account on Medium now. I just wanted to share a Google doc I've compiled containing a list of mutual aid resources and crisis funds to help people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic get through it. … Continue reading Mutual Aid Collectives, Resources, and Funds for COVID-19 Relief

Bisexual Elders and COVID-19 – At Risk, Ignored, and Our Responsibility

Stay safe out there, everyone!

Mile bi Mile

I walked into one of my favorite local grocery stores after depositing what could be my last real paycheck for March and saw the tell-tale signs of a community in panic. Toilet paper was gone, milk supplies running low, and other cleaning essentials wiped out. I got a text from my mother and sister, desperately on the hunt for toiletries my grandmothers needed to get through the day.

The next few weeks were the ones that really baffled me: at-risk demographics were shopping at stores and going about their days like nothing was happening. Clinging to some sort of normalcy, maybe, or just too stubborn to take any concern as health organizations published statement after statement about how important it is for the public to help “flatten the curve” of COVID-19.

Weeks later, the United States is almost blanketed in shelter-in-place orders, yet my home state refuses to issue one…

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How Not to Do Non-Binary Representation

Representation matters, but moreover, HOW you represent things matters!

The Flying Red Robot

In their continued quest to be as inclusive and diverse as possible, Marvel Comics introduced the new limited series New Warriors, coming soon-ish (presumably after the COVID-19 scare dies down). Marvel’s PR firm made a great deal of hyping up the all new diverse team, particularly the new and original non-binary hero. Sounds exciting, right?

This is what said non-binary hero looks like and is called:

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Yes, Snowflake (as in “special snowflake”) and their twin, Safespace.

Before we continue, I need to make one thing clear: I am an enby (non-binary person). I have a very complicated relationship with my gender (as well as sexuality, but I’m not going there right now), and tentatively consider myself bigender/demigender. This means that there are days when I feel happy with being my assigned gender (female), and other times when I wish I didn’t have a gender at all. (Without getting too…

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I never want to be seen as an equal to settler society.


indigenous motherhood

I never want to be seen as an equal to settler society.

Nor do I ever want to be seen as an equal in the eyes of the colonizer.

And I never want to be seen as “successful” within colonial systems.

It started when I was young.

It was lurking in the beginning stages of public speaking, of meeting with ministers, of being groomed in this space of false indigeniety to achieve colonial success.

It was intertwined in the statements of “you are going to be the next Prime Minister of Canada!” And the “you are so resilient. This is your line of work!”

I would sit there and melt into this feeling of success. These feelings of “I’m gonna do something big with my life.”

The feelings of “I am destined for greatness.”

But the greatness I thought I was destined for was only colonial greatness.

These colonial systems…

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28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren’t About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball (2018)

via 28 MORE Black Picture Books That Aren't About Boycotts, Buses or Basketball (2018) A reading teacher's dream...

The Gas-lighting of Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum

As an AFAB femme enby on the spectrum…I feel this.

Seventh Voice

Artwork by Mirella Santana

Of all the traits attributed to Women on the Autism Spectrum, there remains one that not only continues to go unrecognized as a valid trait but has also suffered the fate of being reconstructed by professionals as a rationale for denying Women a diagnosis.

The trait I’m referring to is that of developing a strong sense of self-awareness.

In almost every description pertaining to the experiences of Women with Asperger’s Syndrome there is evidence of the development of an early, inexplicable sense of ‘otherness,’ to be found.

This sense of ‘otherness’ expands exponentially as girls grow older and develops into a keen sense of self-awareness.

Their strong sense of self-awareness in turn, increases their sensitivity toward any and all experiences that suggest or confirm their perceptions of themselves as different.

Undoubtedly, whilst at school, undiagnosed spectrum girls will find themselves showered, almost daily, with an endless array of situations that…

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[Reblog]Remembering and Unerasing Trans History: Two Medieval Writings on Trans Identity — The Red Phoenix

Learn trans history; celebrate trans history!   One of the most prevalent attacks on trans people in the US, from both the left and the right, is that trans identity is a product of modern times and cannot be found in preceding eras. This is a product of selective history at best and intentional erasure … Continue reading [Reblog]Remembering and Unerasing Trans History: Two Medieval Writings on Trans Identity — The Red Phoenix

Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet

via Names and Locations of the Top 100 People Killing the Planet "The earth is not dying, it is being killed, and those who are killing it have names and addresses." -Utah Phillips

Migrants, supporters march in Columbia Heights after ICE raids on apartments — DC Direct Action News

On the 12th of July, ICE agents raided the Sarbin Towers apartments on 16th st, arresting nine people both residents and passers by. Other raids also occurred that week, as ICE assaulted this supposed sanctuary city. In response, a very large crowd marched from a the park at 14th and Kenyon and blocked 16th st […] … Continue reading Migrants, supporters march in Columbia Heights after ICE raids on apartments — DC Direct Action News

The Pocahontas Paradox

“The point is, Disney should never have made a movie about Pocahontas in the first place (it is NOT a happy story), but they did, and turned her into a stoic pinup. No matter what Disney does with this character, it’s going to be problematic at best, racist as worst. Some Natives have pointed out other issues with Pocahontas in the new movie (such as how a white woman is touching her hair), and some argue that including her in the first place is too much of a disrespect. It’s kind of disingenuous for some people to act like her looking lighter is the ONLY problem here; you can’t talk about how Pocahontas looks in CGI without acknowledging how her conception from the ground up is rooted in racist ideas.”

This is why media criticism is necessary. It’s not enough not to just show representation of any marginalized group; HOW you represent said group is just as important.

The Flying Red Robot

Earlier this month, the full length trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 was released.

I’m excited as hell for Ralph and Vanellope being on another adventure together, as well as how the new character of Yesss will affect their relationships. So, I was pretty peeved when the trailer seemed to focus more on the Disney crossover material, with an extended scene of Vanellope meeting the Disney Princesses.

Image result for wreck it ralph princess

Why? Because instead of people talking about the original character coming back, they’re obsessed with the princesses. More specifically, how the princesses look. And there’s a LOT of angry discourse which is honestly tiring to me at this point (again, it doesn’t matter what your personality or role in the story you have, it’s all about how you look).

But, there is one issue that seems to come up. The fact that Pocahontas appears to be considerably lighter in…

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