Why Is “Educate Yourself!” Seen as a Controversial Statement?

If you can't take the "educate yourself " comments, get out of the social commentary kitchen.


Answers for White Male Reactionaries….

Hello, all! Recently, The Amazing Atheist uploaded a compilation of himself and a few other atheist/skeptical YouTubers entitled: "Questions White Men have for SJWs!" ...it's about as nuanced and intellectually stimulating as it sounds. (Click the link to watch it, if you dare) Now, I actually tried to upload a video with an off-the-cuff response, but … Continue reading Answers for White Male Reactionaries….

The Politics of Being a Fat Vegan

I am a fat vegan. Yes, I am a fat vegan; we do exist. I’m not currently as fat as I was in college, partly because I gave up high fructose corn syrup-sweetened soda and living on avocado sushi and Taco Bell bean burritos sans cheese after I graduated. These changes helped me lose about … Continue reading The Politics of Being a Fat Vegan

A List of (Some) Things that Don’t Make You Less of a Vegan

Eating cooked food before 4pm. Eating fruit after dinner. Cooking with oil and/or salt. Not liking bananas. Preferring vegetables over fruits. Not riding a bike. Not working out. Taking medications that you need to stay healthy. Vaccinating your kids/animals. Being pro-GMO. Eating palm oil. Being fat. Being skinny. Being muscular. Eating more calories from protein … Continue reading A List of (Some) Things that Don’t Make You Less of a Vegan

REAL TALK: What Black People Really Think About Mental Health [VIDEO] — BlackDoctor

Reblogged from BlackDoctor.org. I will likely make a video specifically about this issue on my YouTube channel. I did mention my struggles with depression and anxiety in my ableism/pseudoscience video, and I feel I should talk specifically about the mental illness stigma as it exists in the black community, at least in the United States. … Continue reading REAL TALK: What Black People Really Think About Mental Health [VIDEO] — BlackDoctor

Bernie or bust pledge is a declaration of war on Democratic Party establishment

Revolt Against Plutocracy

DNCThe DNC and the Democratic Party establishment have the rules of the primary season rigged against Bernie Sanders. From the debate schedule to the temporary blocking of access to the voter database to the use of establishment-oriented super delegates not even the Republicans use, they are in a civil war against insurgent revolutionary Senator Sanders. In response, Revolt Against Plutocracy declares war on the DNC and party establishment. A plutocracy is a country or society controlled by the wealthy few.

Chris Cillizza is the author of “The Fix,” a politics blog for the Washington Post. Reviewing the last Democratic Party debate before the primary season begins, he noted that “the Republican National Committee’s attempts to influence the debate calendar…pales in comparison to the travesty the Democratic National Committee has made of its own debates.”

Senator Sanders’ endorsements from MoveOn.org and DFA and his current lead in the polls in IA and NH…

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