[Video] Allyship Is Not About You: A YouTube Critique of Performative Allies

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YViRmjXK3_s A video I finished a few days ago, just in time for Pride Month!

The Gender Politics of Being Veg (the latest from my YouTube channel)

Why Is “Educate Yourself!” Seen as a Controversial Statement?

If you can't take the "educate yourself " comments, get out of the social commentary kitchen.

How to Learn More about Feminism

Because it's not all about video game critics, YouTube drama, and Buzzfeed.

Answers for White Male Reactionaries….

Hello, all! Recently, The Amazing Atheist uploaded a compilation of himself and a few other atheist/skeptical YouTubers entitled: "Questions White Men have for SJWs!" ...it's about as nuanced and intellectually stimulating as it sounds. (Click the link to watch it, if you dare) Now, I actually tried to upload a video with an off-the-cuff response, but … Continue reading Answers for White Male Reactionaries….

Intersectionality and Veganism-Episode V: What is Intersectionality, and Why Does it Matter in Vegan Advocacy?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6hGzKemjsHY Episode V! Here, I give a brief overview of intersectionality, and why I feel it's important in vegan advocacy. Enjoy!

Intersectionality and Veganism-Episode IV: Speciesism Does NOT = Racism/Sexism/etc.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYzos56nHdA Episode IV (I actually speak in this one)! Basically, I go over why speciesism is not the same as racism, sexism, and other systems of oppression within the human species, why it doesn't have to be (it still matters, and veganism is about justice), and the possible dangers of using rhetoric that suggests it … Continue reading Intersectionality and Veganism-Episode IV: Speciesism Does NOT = Racism/Sexism/etc.