The Pocahontas Paradox

“The point is, Disney should never have made a movie about Pocahontas in the first place (it is NOT a happy story), but they did, and turned her into a stoic pinup. No matter what Disney does with this character, it’s going to be problematic at best, racist as worst. Some Natives have pointed out other issues with Pocahontas in the new movie (such as how a white woman is touching her hair), and some argue that including her in the first place is too much of a disrespect. It’s kind of disingenuous for some people to act like her looking lighter is the ONLY problem here; you can’t talk about how Pocahontas looks in CGI without acknowledging how her conception from the ground up is rooted in racist ideas.”

This is why media criticism is necessary. It’s not enough not to just show representation of any marginalized group; HOW you represent said group is just as important.

The Flying Red Robot

Earlier this month, the full length trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 was released.

I’m excited as hell for Ralph and Vanellope being on another adventure together, as well as how the new character of Yesss will affect their relationships. So, I was pretty peeved when the trailer seemed to focus more on the Disney crossover material, with an extended scene of Vanellope meeting the Disney Princesses.

Image result for wreck it ralph princess

Why? Because instead of people talking about the original character coming back, they’re obsessed with the princesses. More specifically, how the princesses look. And there’s a LOT of angry discourse which is honestly tiring to me at this point (again, it doesn’t matter what your personality or role in the story you have, it’s all about how you look).

But, there is one issue that seems to come up. The fact that Pocahontas appears to be considerably lighter in…

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