How to Learn More about Feminism

Hello, all you beautiful beings!

As you may or may not know, I, being a feminist on a social media platform, often find myself encountering anti-feminists (often hostile ones, because…Internet). Now, that’s one thing that’s to be expected, but I’ll leave aside the hostility and how it often escalates for the time being. A common thread I hear in a lot of anti-feminist content, especially on YouTube, is what seems to be a tendency to define feminism by solely what they see on feminist YouTube channels, Buzzfeed videos, Jezebel, and…that’s about it.

Now, I think it should go without saying that feminism predates Buzzfeed, YouTube, and the Internet by several centuries. Even third wave feminism started in the early to mid-1990s, before the Internet was the medium it is today. Consequently, judging feminism, even third-wave and intersectional feminism just by those things doesn’t make much sense.


I can, however, understand the confusion. So, here are some of my recommendations for those wanting to learn more about feminism:

  1. ONLINE RESEARCH: Not on Buzzfeed and Jezebel! I’d recommend looking at scholarly journals first to learn more about feminist theory. Google Scholar is your friend. Also check out Bitch Media, Everyday Feminism, and Feminist Humanist Alliance (I no longer recommend Feminist Current, as its content tends to be transphobic).
  2. READ FICTION, NONFICTION, POETRY, PROSE, AND ANYTHING YOU CAN BY FEMINIST AUTHORS: Here are some writers I recommend:  Alice Walker, bell hooks, Audre Lorde, Angela Davis, Octavia Butler, Carol J. Adams, Malala Yousafzai, A. Breeze Harper, Emma Goldman, etc. Here is a link to my public Feminist Book Wish List in case you’d like more recommendations. Read different perspectives from a variety of different feminists; read about unique experiences of women of color, LGBTQIA+ women, poor women, etc. There are so many different feminist perspectives, which brings me to…
  3. LEARN MORE ABOUT DIFFERENT SCHOOLS OF FEMINIST THOUGHT: Because no, feminism is not a big echo chamber. There are statist feminists, there are anarcha-feminists; there are sex-negative feminists, there are sex-positive feminists; there are atheist feminists, there are feminists in almost every organized religion. There’s disagreement among feminists, just like there is amongst any other group.

There are three tips to get you started. Happy learning, friends, and as always, peace and love!

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