Answers for White Male Reactionaries….

Hello, all!

Recently, The Amazing Atheist uploaded a compilation of himself and a few other atheist/skeptical YouTubers entitled: “Questions White Men have for SJWs!”

it’s about as nuanced and intellectually stimulating as it sounds. (Click the link to watch it, if you dare)

Now, I actually tried to upload a video with an off-the-cuff response, but that didn’t go so well. It wasn’t very good quality, and there was a lot of backlash from TAA fanbrats (and really, who needs that?). A common criticism was that I evaded a lot of the questions asked in the video. First of all, full disclosure: in general, I do not consider disingenuous and/or intellectually dishonest questions deserving of thoughtful answers. The video is a parody of several videos by Buzzfeed. However, there is one key difference; the Buzzfeed videos did seem like an earnest effort (if a misguided one) to start a conversation about stereotypes about race, gender, sexuality, etc. The video this post is responding to…had no such intention.

But for the sake of proving that I am capable of trying to converse and inform, here are more thorough answers to those questions:

  1. Why do you claim to speak for LGBT people, women and ethnic minorities, but when LGBT people, women and ethnic minorities disagree with you, you harass them?

Disagreement =/= harassment. Though I understand the confusion since you feel content to verbally abuse people who disagree with you. I am a queer black woman, and I have issues with the anti-racist, LGBTQ+ rights, and feminist movements (mostly regarding the lip service mainstream feminism pays to issues affecting women of color, and similar goings-on in the other movements), but I’ve not come across any harassment because of it.

  1. Do you realize that your war on language through political correctness has made you bedfellows with true rape culture, in other words, Islam – the world’s most misogynistic ideology?

Well, first of all, I’m an atheist, and as such, don’t consider myself “bedfellows” with any organized religion (and I personally find the Abrahamic religions some of the most misogynistic religions in the world; this includes Islam, but just as much Christianity and Judaism). With that said, I don’t know that I’d consider any “war on language” going on; my college degree is in English Language and Literature, and I understand that language is fluid. As such, language changes over time, and some words become less acceptable. Would you ever call a black person “colored” to their face? All right then.

That being said, just because some words are considered less acceptable doesn’t mean you “can’t” say them, or that you’ll be thrown into a camp if you do.

  1. Do you want women to be equal, or do you want women to be a protected class? You can’t have both. If you expect society to treat women as equal with men, why don’t women have to take responsibility for their own safety?

Ah, but, my dear Knight in Shining Tuxedo, we do take responsibility for our safety (walking home in groups, carrying mace, pocket knives, etc., taking self-defense classes, etc.). But it’s not a woman’s fault if she gets attacked and sexually assaulted because she wore a short skirt or didn’t have mace. I don’t think saying that much means I think women should be a “protected class.”

  1. What are you afraid will happen when you leave your safe space?

Oy, vey…look, there are many reasons people find safe spaces helpful and useful, including:

None of these spaces exist because people are “afraid to leave them,” but rather to gain support safely.

  1. How can you possibly justify the idea that it’s somehow racist to disagree with Black Lives Matter, and yet it’s not racist when a black person tweets something like “kill all white people?”

#BlackLivesMatter is a specific movement with a specific goal (calling attention to police brutality against the black community to bring light to racial profiling and systemic racism). If you disagree with the notion that this is a problem, you might just be uninformed, but being willfully uninformed (because you just don’t care) is what’s problematic.

I don’t really know of anyone who wouldn’t find a tweet that said “kill all white people” problematic, but a somewhat threatening tweet (probably from someone trying to act like a “tough guy” behind a computer screen) is hardly on the same level as systemic racism and police brutality.

  1. Here’s a question: Are you aware that the present is not the past? I’m not kidding. Are you familiar with the concept of linear time? Because you seem incredibly comfortable traveling back through time to talk about how bad things were for women, or black people, or whoever. And then by using some form of SJW magic, you then claim or imply that those problems in the past exist today. Are you aware that this trick that you’re doing is not working? Why do you think that would work?

Ah, the argument that racism, sexism, and other oppressive systems are in the past, and thus don’t matter anymore. Well, first of all, things that happened in the past can and often do affect the present (and the future, if no change happens). Why else would we be taught about history in grade school through university? But more importantly, racism, sexism, etc. are not in the past. Oppressive systems still exist and still affect people here in the present.

  1. Do you really thing you can spend your entire life in a state of perpetual emotional immaturity? Do you actually imagine that you’ll be able to stretch out your adolescence for your entire existence?

Yes, because apparently, wanting social justice for all is emotional immaturity, right?

  1. There are 13% more women in college right now than men. So if the whole goal of feminism is “equality,” shouldn’t we have some men-only scholarships in order to equal everything out?

A quick Google search could reveal that men-only scholarships do exist, not to mention the fact that there are various reasons more women than men are currently enrolled in college (certainly not because of any systemic inequality).

  1. If feminism and egalitarianism are both for equal rights, then why does one start with a gendered prefix, while the other one is entirely gender-neutral?

Well, let’s first look at the definition(s) of egalitarianism:

  • a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic affairs
  • a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people

Well, it sounds like an admirable philosophy, one that I don’t think needs to be at odds with that of feminism. And the reason feminism has a gendered prefix, as you put it, is that feminism, as a concept, started out as advocacy for women, who were not, at the time, seen as equals to men (and it’s debatable that we are there yet, to be honest). Kind of like how #BlackLivesMatter is a direct response to police brutality disproportionally affecting black people and other people of color, hence why asking them to say #AllLivesMatter or talk about black-on-black crime is generally frowned upon.

  1. What do you hope to gain by bringing back racial segregation?

So, whenever I ask people about this one, they’ve pointed me to links (often to right-wing slanted sites) about black students wanting safe spaces that are black-only. We’ve already gone over the purpose of safe spaces, and it’s hardly analogous to “white” and “colored” bus seats, drinking fountains, etc.

  1. When my grand-uncle was dropping bombs on London, did your grandparents get out of their bunkers in the morning to protest with signs that read “#NotAllNazis?”

Well, my grandparents were young children of color living in the US during WWII, so…no

But furthermore, I don’t even get the point here…

[UPDATE-8/2/16]: As it turns out, the question is meant to equate modern-day Islam to Nazi Germany…yeah, not a good analogy in the least. For one thing, air raids done over England by Germany in World War II, that was the Germans bringing the war to the English. The United States is occupying countries in the Middle East and Asia; we’re bringing the fight to them, not the other way around. Secondly, it’s a poor analogy because according to this Pew Research Center report, the top five countries with the highest Muslim populations are Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria. The US is currently bombing seven nations, and only one of them is in that top five. Thirdly, what does any of this matter? Muslims are not equal to Nazis. Most Muslims in the world are peaceful, decent people just trying to live their lives.

  1. Why do you think that every cis white male is born racist? Racism is a learned behavior.

Yes, and many white people have learned it. It doesn’t make them bad people; we come up in a society that favors whiteness, and people, regardless of skin color, can internalize this white supremacist mindset.

  1. How can you possibly say that the phrase “All Lives Matter” is somehow racist? It sounds like something the Dalai Lama would say.

Who gave you the right to speak on behalf of the Dalai Lama?

In all seriousness, it’s considered racist because the phrase “All Lives Matter” isn’t said in earnest, but rather in response to #BlackLivesMatter, which is a specific movement with a specific goal, and it’s insulting that there are white people trying to make it about them.

  1. Would you rather be right or popular? It seems like your primary objective is to score social points and get public validation. You speak publicly in the same way that people write their dating profiles. Stop trying to demonstrate how awesome you are, and get real.

How big of you to anticipate the whims of your bogeymen here. And correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought you guys were pro-free speech and anti-censorship. I would think you would be fine with people expressing themselves publicly however they want.

  1. So if a drunk man sleeps with a drunk woman, the woman is incapable of giving consent, but the man is?

I don’t know of anyone who claims this seriously.

People under the influence of a drug are incapable of giving consent, male or female (it wouldn’t be valid if you signed a contract or other agreement if you were under the influence of a substance of some kind, after all). Let’s make that perfectly clear. But more importantly, I feel that it’s important to establish that there is a difference between two people who are both drunk (or high, or whatever else) having sex and a sober person taking advantage of a person who is under the influence of a drug.

More importantly, though, as a report on alcohol and sexual assault published by NIH states (gendered pronouns not mine):

“…alcohol consumption by perpetrators and victims tends to co-occur; that is, when one of them is drinking, the other one is generally drinking as well… Rarely is only the victim drinking alcohol. This finding is not surprising, because in social situations (e.g., in bars or at parties), drinking tends to be a shared activity. However, this finding complicates researchers’ efforts to disentangle the unique effects of alcohol consumption on the perpetrators’ versus the victims’ behavior…”

“Although alcohol consumption and sexual assault frequently co-occur, this phenomenon does not prove that alcohol use causes sexual assault. Thus, in some cases, the desire to commit a sexual assault may actually cause alcohol consumption (e.g., when a man drinks alcohol before committing a sexual assault in order to justify his behavior). Moreover, certain factors may lead to both alcohol consumption and sexual assault. For example, some fraternities encourage both heavy drinking and sexual exploitation of women…In fact, many pathways can prompt a man to commit sexual assault, and not all perpetrators are motivated by the same factors… This article, therefore, describes several different ways in which alcohol consumption by the perpetrator and the victim can encourage sexual assault”

  1. Is it really easier to spend your life attempting to pacify the world and subdue all around you instead of accepting that you are the person that has to change?

Again, you’re addressing a group of people assuming that not one of them is capable of independent thought; as if their all one big hive mind…

Furthermore, what do you want “SJWs” to change? Do you know every single person you’re seeking to address?

  1. When I’m singing along with rap music, is it okay if I say the word “nigga?”

Sure. If it’s a lyric in the song, go ahead. Might I suggest, though, not doing that out loud if you’re visiting Baltimore or certain areas of DC?

I’m just looking out for you…

  1. How do you reconcile your opinion that gender doesn’t matter, or even exist, with your need to invent new genders each day?


First of all, let me point out that, despite what you might think, the people you call “SJWs” don’t agree on everything. So using the phrase “your opinion” is quite disingenuous.

As far as gender not mattering, I think it depends on what you mean by that. For what should gender matter? Jobs? Family structures? Social interaction?

As far as gender not existing…I have no idea where you got that from. I did, in my search, find a debate about this on It’s quite an interesting debate, I must say, with most of its participants thus far (69%) agreeing that gender does not exist. Many of the answers from both sides seem to have some merit, so I’ll link to it so you can check it out.

As far as “inventing new genders every day”…who’s doing that? Really. You’re being disingenuous again.

  1. In your version of equality, will white men ever have a voice in society, or will white men always be too privileged to participate in discussion?

There’s no one’s “version” of equality; equality is equality (I guess this is yet another reactionary attempt to accuse “SJWs” of wanting an Orwellian fantasy come to life). I should add that not every social activist agrees about equality; such people will point out the difference between treating all people equally and treating all people fairly. This is probably closer to what I believe; I don’t think we’ll ever be truly “equal,” but we can make a more just world to live in.

And spare me this “OMG, won’t someone please think of the white men??!!1!” nonsense (and you guys accuse “SJWs” of playing the victim). Everyone is allowed to participate in a discussion, but this video is just another example of a group of people who don’t genuinely want to participate in a conversation, but rather are more content to talk right over it.

  1. What makes you think that the power of censorship that you are so desperately trying to establish now will at no point be used against you?

Once again, criticism IS NOT CENSORSHIP. Disagreement IS NOT CENSORSHIP. Calling someone out who you feel is out of line IS NOT CENSORSHIP.

This is really beginning to frustrate me, as it often does when reactionaries do this. It’s all about projection, really…

  1. Why is it that if a woman dresses sexy or even topless in public, you support it, but if a female video game character is dressed sexy, then you want her clothed more modestly?

A woman who dresses “sexy” or topless in public is doing that by her own choice (I prefer jeans and T-shirts with skulls on them myself, but who am I to pick at others’ wardrobes?). Female characters in video games (and, more broadly, all forms of visual media) is…a bit more complicated.

Consider the way female comic book heroes are often dressed; sometimes not wearing pants/having legs covered, often bare arms, high-heeled shoes/boots, loose flowing hair, and so forth. Not really great choices for women who are supposed to be superheroes (or at least action heroes of some sort). Dressing Wonder Woman in essentially a bathing suit, Starfire in a short skirt and midriff-baring top, Raven without pants, and so forth, isn’t an act of viewing the women as heroes; it’s a marketing choice that goes back decades. Sure, male superheroes are buff and wear similar tight-fitting spandex, but characters like Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and the Flash are marketed as heroes first; their aesthetics are secondary, at best.

I don’t think the problem is as simple as just dressing female characters more “modestly.” The problem is more that, as far as we’d like to think media has come, male characters are still often the ones defined by actions, whereas female characters are defined by their appearances first, with maybe personalities to give an air of progress.

  1. What is your favorite song to sing really loud when you’re confronted with a different point of view?

This one. That usually makes them go away.

  1. Why are you afraid of dissenting opinions? Your continued attempts to silence all opposition, either by smearing them publicly, or labeling their content as hate speech and having it removed, only serves to insulate your bubble even more and maintain your echo chamber. It also prevents you from taking on new information and hearing different points of view. Different points of view that are sometimes superior to yours. Which tends to happen whenever I talk.

Gee…how very humble of you…

I’m not afraid of dissenting opinions. It’s perfectly possible (and, preferable, in my opinion) to express a dissenting opinion in a reasonable way (no name-calling, no ad hominem or other logical fallacies, actually calmly stating your view and reasons for it, if needed, and so forth). And what’s this talk about “silencing all opposition”? What qualifies as that? Is it when feminists or people with whom you disagree block you from social media? That isn’t stopping you from stating your opinion; you’re still free to do that till you’re blue in the face, but it doesn’t obligate that person to be your audience.

And weird how a video that’s literally a group of men who all agree on the exact same subject is now going to contain a question calling people out for echo chambers (by the way, the comments section of this video is largely full of people who agree with it. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black).

  1. What is reverse racism? Like, what the actual fuck is it? It’s just racism, right? I mean, am I going crazy here? Am I taking crazy pills?

Reverse racism (or “racism” against white people) is not a thing, the same way classism against the wealthy is not a thing, and nor is ableism against able-bodied/neurotypical people a thing (at the very least, they don’t exist in the same way; white people are not any worse off because of “reverse racism”). Sure, people of color can hold prejudiced views of white people, but such a thing doesn’t exist in a systemic way that makes white people’s lives any worse just because they’re white. This is a great source to learn more.

  1. Do any of you people actually remember all the pronouns? You know the list, right? The one with 76 fucking genders.


For the record, I don’t consider pronouns like “zie/xie” etc. all that necessary, considering that the singular “they/them” suffices just fine. However, I am not in any position to tell a non-binary person (or really, anyone) what pronouns they can or cannot use. And for you to mock it just because you don’t get it, or it’s unfamiliar, or whatever else is just plain juvenile and mean. Grow up.

  1. Why do you feel entitled to control what artists and entertainers are allowed to express? Why do you think your sensibilities should be placed above the sensibilities of actual creators?

Criticism =/= an attempt to control creators. I am a content creator (writer, artist, and YouTuber) myself; criticism comes with the territory. Most creators understand that, and know to take criticism with a grain of salt, but also with some humility.

  1. Have you ever considered that using the terms ‘racism’ and ‘sexism’ as haphazardly as you do to describe everything under the sun that makes you feel uncomfortable devalues the word to the point that it actually hurts the people who actually suffer from real sexism and real racism? Have you ever fucking thought of that?

Maybe the problem isn’t people calling things that make them uncomfortable “sexist” or “racist.” Maybe the problem is that people bringing these things up makes YOU uncomfortable. And, let me, a black woman, tell you something: “real racism” takes many forms other than a group of hooded people burning a cross or a person calling me “nigger” to my face. “Real sexism” takes more forms than just female genital mutilation, child brides, girls sold into sex slavery, or any other thing you think only takes place in other countries so you don’t have to really pay anything more than lip service to it.

How do you think I felt being told as a little girl that my coarse, kinky, natural hair was “ugly”? How do you think I felt when I worried about my thighs being too fat when I was nine years old? How do you think I felt when I was twelve and was told I “sounded white”?  How do you think I feel thinking about my biracial niece and nephew growing up in a world filled with bigotry against children who look like them? How do you think it feels to hear of another woman your race and age being pulled over for a traffic violation, getting taken to jail, and turning up dead shortly thereafter? To think of calling your mother and telling her “if I die….I did NOT kill myself…tell the boys I love them…”…?

That’s when I feel devalued. That’s when I feel hurt. Did you ever think of that? Probably not…that would take some empathy…

Finally…no, I will not drink bleach. But I do think I need some chamomile tea after this. Until we meet again, friends…

11 thoughts on “Answers for White Male Reactionaries….

  1. I only found this by googling for answers for the questions. Honestly, I just wanted to see if anyone actually answered any of them. I also only made this account to respond to this.

    The point is that I think you’re misunderstanding most of these questions, or that the questions aren’t fully explained in the video, and beg explanation, before they can even be answered in the first place. As someone in the community the questions came from, I feel like I can explain them, so that you can actually put forth better answers that address the points of the questions. Also, I’ll put in my own responses to some of your answers, here and there. And, no, the questions aren’t accusations, they’re specifically directed at a certain subsection of feminists, especially prominent on tumblr, that this group refers to, specifically, as SJWs. I’ll be explaining more on that topic, eventually, so bear with me, ’till then. I’ll be listing the answers you gave to the questions in the order you rote them in, and leaving out the ones I either can’t explain or found that you answered adequately, whether I agree with them or not, to keep this at least kind of short. I’ll also be giving no sources, simply because I’m lazy, but at least I admitted it.

    1: This question is one of the many that probably aren’t aimed at you, since you don’t seem to fall into the category the questions are supposed to be posed to. But, the people this question does refer to are the same people who see a picture of a woman holding up a sign that reads “I don’t need feminism because: …” and immediately call her a bigot, and claim she has internalized misogyny, and often harass and bully them.

    2: This may not be directed at you.

    3: it is the responsibility of not just every woman, but every person, to assess the risks behind every choice he or she makes under the belief that, even though bad things shouldn’t happen to people, they still do, every day. And—if put in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation—to assess the situation and seek help through the appropriate channels. Sometimes, it makes sense to phone a friend, but if you feel that your life or welfare is under threat, the police are best suited to handle the problem. It may feel a bit extreme, but they are the designated authority, equipped to diffuse such situations without harm coming to anyone, least of all a friend trying to save the day.

    4: The safe space you claim they’re in doesn’t really exist. A safe space, as far as I understand it, is a place where opposing opinions and ideas to ones own aren’t allowed. The people in the video, at least the ones I watch and subscribe to, actually encourage opposing opinions be shared. They may be rude about it, but they will often open a debate, if one is offered. Granted, the raving fans may harass and belittle them, while doing so, but that’s just a youtube comments section problem. They can’t control what their fans do, after all.

    5: This isn’t an answer, for one, and neither is telling them to look something up. “Educate yourself” will never be a useful response. Activism is supposed to be all about educating others. Also, this question is another that seems N/A to you. It’s addressed to the tumblrinas (god, I hate that word) who come up with random genders like “toaster” and present it as a valid identity, or otherkin, or so forth and so on.

    6: The question wasn’t referring to whether racism and sexism was in the past… you completely misunderstood it.

    7: Based on the evidence, yes.

    8: What… What exactly is to be googled, here? The 13% more women in college? Because that’s demonstrably true. Male only scholarships? Because there aren’t NEARLY as many of those as there are for women, black, mexican, etc, gay, lesbian, etc, etc. Also, the constant stream of “educate yourself” doesn’t work as an answer, here, either. I’ll stop mentioning it, because I don’t want to get repetitive, since you use this “answer” quite a lot.

    9: On top of not being an answer, it seems you don’t understand egalitarianism. Look, I know nothing about you, but the majority of feminists have never done anything to benefit the community, much less to benefit women. It would only make sense for the same to be true of egalitarianism, especially since it’s a relatively small community. And most egalitarians aren’t egalitarian because they’re “afraid of lady cooties,” but because, while they agree with the core concepts of feminism (and the MRM, for that matter, since both ideologies stand for essentially the same thing), but don’t want to be under the same label as people who literally want to sterilize or kill most if not all men. It only makes it worse that third wave feminism has become regressive.

    10: The explanation that was left out is as follows:
    It’s not segregation, by legal name, but it has the same implications. All whites must be separated from all blacks, who both must be separated from all hispanics – who must be further separated from latinos – , who must all be separated from etc, etc. This is the core foundation of “cultural appropriation.” It’s like not letting the food on your plate touch, but with cultures. Under the idea of cultural appropriation being a bad thing, cultures are never able to be shared, celebrated, or even learned about. If there’s no mixing of culture, there’s no understanding of it. Not letting cultures mix means that they’ll never evolve, never change, never become better than they are. It’s quite similar to language, actually. There’s a name for languages that haven’t changed and evolved; that haven’t taken words or been influenced by other languages; for thousands of years. These are called dead languages.

    11: This is directed at the ‘not all muslims’ crowd.

    12: Sure, and many non-white people have learned that as well. You can’t police one’s own thoughts.

    13: So… it’s racist because we take the spotlight off BLM, because god forbid we focus on the real victims?

    14: This isn’t an answer, it’s a deflection. You dodged the question, and refused to address the central point of it, instead opting to baselessly insult the cast of the video.

    15: This keeps being brought up because it’s a go-to feminist argument that if a woman is drunk, it’s always rape. In fact, there was a famous (or infamous, rather) poster a college put up that told you whether it was rape, or not. It went something like “Are both sober? You’re all good. Is she drunk, and he isn’t? It’s rape Is he drunk and she isn’t? You’re all good. Are they both drunk? It’s rape.” Personally, I believe it should be handled similarly to drunk driving. Sure, you had the idea to drive drunk after you got drunk, but you got yourself drunk, so it’s still your fault. Sure, you only had sex with the guy because you were drunk, but you got yourself drunk, so it’s still your fault. And obvious exception for someone who’s actually passed out, and someone else commits sex acts on them. So, maybe it’s not applicable to your ideology, but it is to mainstream feminism.

    16: This probably isn’t directed at you.

    17: Why not? Sure, it was a simple yes/no question, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explain yourself.

    18: This, again, wasn’t really aimed at you. More so at the people who feel the need to make an arbitrary gender (remember toaster?), as well as pronouns to match, like zir, xir, etc. They simultaneously believe that gender should be abolished, and that not only are gender roles a social construct, but that gender, itself, is, despite there being obvious differences in musculature, hormones, genitalia, etc.

    19: Okay, to be honest, this is the one I was itching to get at the most, for some reason. This question is not talking about the present, the past, or even the future. It’s asking about your own, personal utopia, where everything and everyone is equal in every conceivable way. No more systematic oppression, no disabilities, nor mental retardations. Men and women are somehow have equal strength, getting kicked in the nuts and giving birth no longer hurts, you know the drill. Hell, we’ll even through in no sickness just for shits and giggles. In this world, where everyone holds an equal percent of the population, where there are no minorities, nor discrimination of minorities or any other groups, would cis, straight, white men have a voice in society, or would they just be censored and silenced? Again, this world has nothing to do with ours. All of the past transgressions like slavery, and the like, have all been forgotten, and have no social hold over.

    20: The censorship isn’t evident? What about the rallies against the MRM meetings held by feminists? What about that one guy who wanted to open up the first male rape survivor shelter, who got harassed to the point of suicide? What about telling all white people to “shut up and listen?” What about the very term “mansplaining?” Do you live under or in that rock of yours? All of these things are a form of attempted censorship. They are people trying to silence things they disagree with.

    21: Female video game characters dressing sexy is a choice as well, and many of them are designed by women. Bayonetta comes to mind.

    22: He’s talking about the collective refusal to open a dialog with anyone who disagrees with you. In other words, safe spaces.

    23: Was there an explanation TJ edited out or was that your whole question?

    24: On some point, we have common ground here. Reverse racism doesn’t exist. It’s just racism. I’m not talking about systematic racism, which does exist to a point, I’ll admit, but individual racism. This is basically the point that AS is making, here. It’s a bit of an in joke in the community.

    25: It is when you have a lot of friends with random pronouns like zir, xir, sweet, burger, and skel. I’m not just making those up, by the way. The utter randomness of this is entirely impossible to remember. Aside from that, and this has nothing to do with undoomed’s point, it’s basically asking someone to stop using proper grammar, which you’ve spent all of your life growing accustomed to, and forming habits with. Stopping yourself from saying he, him, himself, and his, and, instead saying some stupid shit like bun, bum, bunself, and buns just doesn’t sit well with a lot of people. Personally, I’ll go as far as “they.

    26: Being yourself can still maintain an audience. It seemed to work out fine for TAA. He’s a complete douche irl, and a complete douche on his channel. He’s just an honest one with an opinion that a lot of people agree with. Of course, it helps that he’s quite charismatic. It seems to me that you’ve framed your answer to not only dodge the question, but to make your position seem more complex than it really is, when, in reality, you just want to form your opinion in such a way that people won’t call you out on it, and if they do, then you can feign nuance. This isn’t a shot against you, it’s a perfectly valid way of going about it. It’s just that I find it more than a bit dishonest. But, the question has nothing to do with any of this. The question hinges on why you think it’s acceptable to censor, or otherwise take away from or lessen, what someone creates, using their right to free speech, just because it’s offensive?

    27: Yeah, no. Real sexism is sharia law; orthodox Islam, Judaism, and Christianit; I could go on. The truth is that we do NOT live in a rape culture. Rape is seen by almost EVERY man as one of the MOST despicable things one could do. It’ll usually result in a good shaking in prison, especially if it was pedophilia. The “women are doubted whenever they say they were raped” is because of innocent until proven guilty. If you don’t understand this, then I’ll put it this way: you raped me. That means you get shipped off to prison, now, because you’re guilty until proven innocent. And, even so, just being accused or rape is enough to ruin your life – it’ll follow you for the rest of your life, you’ll never find a decent job, your SO might leave you, your friends might leave you, your whole life could fall apart in the blink of an eye, just because someone wanted to accuse you. And real racism is slavery, apartheid, lynching, threats, etc. It can be done to or for any race, including white people. The whole world isn’t America, there are countries in which whites are the minority, and are discriminated against. I’ll give you that racism does still exist in the western world, but not at the level you describe. Not at the level of being an abomination to the entire human race. It will never end completely, and neither will sexism, because the right to free speech protects it, and I’d much rather live with that than in a world where free speech is no longer a right. So, while I don’t agree with racism, or any prejudice, I’d rather that than the alternative.

    I went off in a tangent at the end, there, sorry.


    1. I don’t care that you went off on a tangent; I care that you clearly came to this post with no intention of actually learning anything, but to just be defensive. Just about every issue you have with safe spaces, I provided links for. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter who these questions were intended for; these men posted it on the free and open Internet, thus I responded.

      And no, rallying against MRAs is not censorship. Yes, they have freedom of speech, and freedom of speech isn’t a one-way street.

      And that question being about people who say not all Muslims are terrorists makes it even more inane. Islam is a religion, whereas Nazism is a political ideology. And newsflash, whatever you think about organized religion, the majority of Muslims (just like the majority of Christians) are good, decent people just trying to live their lives and not do harm to anyone else. It’s a stupid comparison to make all-around.

      “Sure, and many non-white people have learned that as well. You can’t police one’s own thoughts.”

      Pretty sure I said *exactly* that in this post.

      “What… What exactly is to be googled, here? The 13% more women in college? Because that’s demonstrably true. Male only scholarships? Because there aren’t NEARLY as many of those as there are for women, black, mexican, etc, gay, lesbian, etc, etc. Also, the constant stream of “educate yourself” doesn’t work as an answer, here, either. I’ll stop mentioning it, because I don’t want to get repetitive, since you use this “answer” quite a lot.”

      I looked up “men-only scholarships” and “more women enrolled in college than men,” and found the links that, once again, I added into this response. I can’t be bothered if you think providing links is analogous to saying “educate yourself.”

      “Female video game characters dressing sexy is a choice as well, and many of them are designed by women. Bayonetta comes to mind.”

      Well, first of all, these are fictional characters. Therefore, they can’t make choices, their creators can. And the fact that women design such characters is irrelevant (you’ll notice I didn’t bring that up at all).

      As far as me not answering questions, if I may again quote my response:

      “full disclosure: in general, I do not consider disingenuous and/or intellectually dishonest questions deserving of thoughtful answers. The video is a parody of several videos by Buzzfeed. However, there is one key difference; the Buzzfeed videos did seem like an earnest effort (if a misguided one) to start a conversation about stereotypes about race, gender, sexuality, etc. The video this post is responding to…had no such intention.”

      Have a nice day….


      1. His point about female video game characters was that, like Bayonetta, many were designed by women. Obviously the woman designing the character chose to make them look like that.


      2. To me, that’s irrelevant. A sexist trope (such as men being defined by what they do, while women are defined by what they are) is still sexist no matter who is partaking in it.


  2. This is FANTASTIC!!!

    On Sat, Jul 16, 2016 at 7:22 PM, Everyone Deserves Justice wrote:

    > Ashleigh posted: “Hello, all! Recently, The Amazing Atheist uploaded a > compilation of himself and a few other atheist/skeptical YouTubers > entitled: “Questions White Men have for SJWs!” …it’s about as nuanced and > intellectually stimulating as it sounds. (Click the link ” >

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s great, but some people with those illnesses do need them (even a one-on-one counseling session qualifies as a safe space). Try having some empathy, sweet pea.


  3. I’m sorry many LGBT speakers such as Blair White, Theryn Meyer and Milo Yiannopoulos often get abuse from regressive social justice circles. With terms like “uncle tom” being appropriated and used to invalidate their points without any logical conclusion. The reason the question was asked is because many people see this occurring and yet the many of the less extreme social justice warriors never seem to call people on their side out on being abusive.

    The reason calling a gay, bi or trans speaker an “uncle tom” falls under abuse in my mind, is that it rather heavily implies that for an LGBT person to speak they must have the “right” opinions. I won’t make the claim that you are of that persuasion. But LGBT republicans, libertarians and other political identities are often mistreated by left when they don’t conform.

    Never mind the beautiful irony of some who make the claim of standing for LGBT people while calling Mr Yiannopoulos a faggot because he is Islamophobic, beautiful.

    Keep up the writing darling.


  4. So is it then racist if a bunch of black people in Africa call a white guy a “cracker” to his face? If not, then why not? It seems like the equivilant of a bunch of white people in North America calling a black guy a “nigger” to his face


  5. Found your page through some of the YouTube videos. Just wanted to say that your thoughtful answers were far more than the flippant … jerks … deserved. They also play the pile on game – hordes rush to comment sections posting the same hollow, unsourced crap. It’s annoying and frustrating. Good on you for confronting it patiently and with reason.


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