Why I’m Over Black “History” Month

Since February is just around the corner, I thought this was worth a reblog. Very insightful…

Black Millennials

Black History Month is like medicine; it’s good for you, but I’m not keen on taking it. So I’m over it. For many reasons. Here’s a few.

1. Black History Month has been thoroughly streamlined.

In its current position, Black History Month is diluted because it’s streamlined. Picture a factory assembly line; massive machines putting parts together with little finesse, thought, or craftsmanship. That’s exactly what Black History Month is, in its current state. A little MLK here, a little Harriet Tubman there. It’s no longer nurtured through anecdotal storytelling redolent of Black survival. It’s no longer a means of historical, familial connection. Instead, it’s awkwardly conjoined together with little consideration because it’s easier that way.

In school, during Black history month, an assortment of teachers would reach into the storage closet where the classroom materials were kept, dust off the *same* picture of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., hang…

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